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              We can work in the way that's most accessible to you; for some folks, google docs is their tool for planning their novel, for others a table or chart, helps them break it down. Writing a larger piece of work can be really overwhelming and there's so many parts. I have ADHD so I very much so understand how easy it is to hit overwhelm when navigating so many aspects, especially with a novel or children's book.

Children's books and YA and Adult Novels







Character Development


Poetry Books

Hopefully, writers are always learning. There is always more to learn, ways to stretch our comfort zones. One of my favorite and best professors,  period, who is an incredible published poet, used to tell us, that he thinks of himself as a beginning writer because the craft is never finished. He used to ask the most thoughtful insightful questions geared towards helping our poems become the most Them. It sounds weird but feedback is tricky; often feedback is designed to change a poem into what the speaker wants to see or perceives as good poetry.

            But I've always found the most helpful feedback pushed the writing to expand authentically by  listening to the content -both what already exists and what doesn't yet-- and wondering what questions the poem is or wants to answer.


Often there's ideas we don't mean to write that find their way onto the page once we start a piece; sometimes watering them changes a poem completely once we spend time considering, sometimes its not the direction we want or intend to go (in the particular poem or ever), sometimes watering them blooms in unexpected ways and inspires us to adapt parts of the poem or for a completely different piece.

Creative Feedback

Strengths Based Model

Supporting your voice

Highly suggest checking out

Brent Armendinger's work

Incredible poet, incredible human and teacher!

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