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Sensitivity Reading

Disability Justice Consulting

Developmental Consulting 

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Sensitivity Reading

I read for my intersections including:


Identity: non binary, femme, Judaism, queer

Disabilities: autism, ADHD, service dog handler

POTS, dyslexia/dysgraphia/dyscalculia, Ehlers-Dahns Syndrome, POTS, fibromyalgia, hypermobility

Illnesses: Lyme disease, mold illness, immunecompromised

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Disability Justice Consulting

I can help you make your business more accessible: digitally, off line, or at your physical storefront. Often folks don't notice barriers that don't directly impact them or their community.

  Many businesses don't know that there's legal guidelines for making their website accessible and often don't have the knowledge or resources to do so. 

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Are you writing a novel, poetry book, or children's book and feeling stuck? I would love to help you talk through your ideas

I love supporting writers as they work through questions in their work.

Whether it be focusing on specific aspects like characters or worldbuilding or reworking the plot arc or overall idea, I can coach you through wherever you are in the process.

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