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Poetry Quotes


The men in this poem have many names:

He is the sore loser from class, who to get back at me, 

outs my sexual abuse to my baby brother

the guy who calls himself a feminist because it gets more tinder matches

the wedding guest who thinks rape jokes  are icebreakers

the guy who scares away creeps in alleyways and demands dates as payment

The guys in this poem are probably sitting in this room


Always demanding femmes explain rape culture to you, right now 

What you are asking for is an execution. 

-A Definition of Rape Culture

Crooked bones, failed bridges

Water never needed to

stretch far to  hold me.






People keep asking me when I got sick

As if they’ve ever known me healthy

-Mythology Of Disease

my eyes,

windows abandoned

Friends bolting out the door at first whiff of trauma


Learning how to let myself

be water and earth







Anxiety is siren

singing to my body 

Begging it

to shed my skin




My femme family line

is so used to fitting ourselves

into to someone else’s

planter box

And calling this self  improvement










-Bones Of Fire

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