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An ode to the power of claiming survivorhood in a world where our bodies are weaponized against us. Resuscitate speaks to the journey of facing the ghosts of trauma, mental illness and patriarchy: how intersectional feminism brought this survivor back to the land of the living.


Its sliding scale 15-20. See pricing details below. 



  • Pricing


    Prices are sliding scale 15-20. There's a few payment options: 

    1) Pay on Wix via Paypal or credit card

    2) Separate Paypal payment 

    3) Separate Venmo Payment


    Options 2 and 3 are easiest for sliding scale. 

    The first option has sliding scale options 15-20. Choose which price you'd like to pay. 

    If 15-20 isn't doable financially, send me a message and we can figure something out. 





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