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Rugged Green

Rugged Green

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This was one of my favorite designs to create when I was still figuring out how to use the Painter app. You can choose a texture for a background as a starting place and then choose a background color and then use the different brushes to create your art. Visual art has never been accessible for me both because of physical and neurodevelopmental disabilities making it challenging and being told pretty young in the mainstream school system that its not worth doing if you're not good at it. I was never encouraged to find my own path to visual art or whether I found joy. My partner approaches life very differently; they believe if an art form gives you joy than you should pursue it if you choose to. I found the app I used for many of these designs playing on their phone after mine had died actually; I have ADHD and was bored while we were waiting for something and started just playing with their apps. I felt like for the first time I was creating more of what my brain saw or being driven by my natural affinity for patterns and colors.

Many evenings before bed, I started playing around with the app, first getting to know the brushes and designs. Often my brain is on overload, part of being autistic and living in a world not built for my mind-- when I didn't feel like I could handle writing emotionally, I'd just create with the app. It felt like I could let my brain decompress with very low stakes. One of the nights I was missing the outdoors, and camping which I used to do all the time as a child--- I started playing around with some of the brushes and what happens when I combined colors and faded others to get this tone of green.

I hope if you love the forest as I do, and maybe are missing it as I do often- perhaps for similar reasons or not- this will make you feel just a little bit closer.



.: Material: Cruelty-free faux leather
.: Durable high-quality nylon zip and alloy hardware
.: Gold color thread stitching
.: Pockets for cash, credit cards, coins, and checkbook
.: One size: 7.87" x 4.33" (20cm x 11cm)



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dark deep green like an evergreen almost with a bark like texture


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