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Disability Justice and Accessibility

Disability Justice Consulting


Accessibility Matters

What do I mean by accessibility?


2) digital accessibility:


Why be accessible?

Besides getting a hefty fine and potentially being sued for violating the ADA and disabled people's rights, there's many important reasons to be sure your business and services are fully accessible.

Disabled people have the right to have access to any public services that non disabled folks do. More than that though, accessibility is about ensuring everyone has what they need to access content/businesses; everyone has different needs, whether we are disabled, non disabled, somewhere in between, chronically ill.

There are far more disabled people than you may think. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 15 % of the world lives with a disability. In the US, we make up nearly 25% of adults.  By ensuring your work is accessible, you're able to reach a much larger audience, online and offline. 

Disability Justice Consulting

I can help you make your business more accessible: digitally, off line, or at your physical storefront. Often folks don't notice barriers that don't directly impact them or their community.

Example 1:

You might not think about the heaviness of your door or whether it can be opened by an accessibility button; I have to consider this for every place I go. During a flare especially, lack of an automatic button often means I can't go because I can't risk the extra joint pain and inflammation from struggling with an even remotely heavy door.

Example 2:

If there's stairs to get into a restaurant, be it a a few or a flight, many disabled folks can't even enter. Those two steps one might not think twice about can't easily be crossed by many wheelchair users. 

I assess your spaces or organizations for potential barriers.  

however if a disabled customer can't even get into the door (no ramp, there's stairs, no masks required)  Many businesses don't know that there's legal guidelines for making their website accessible and often don't have the knowledge or resources to do so. 

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dark deep green like an evergreen with almost bark like texture

Digital Accessibility

Digital Accessibility

Not everyone knows that the ADA actually has guidelines for making your website accessible to disabled folks. It's important that websites not prevent disabled folks from obtaining access to their services or products.

I can help you  make sure your website is accessible. 

These guidelines are called the WCAG

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